Septenary Artist Profile: Melita Curphy (Miss Monster)

Melita A.K.A Miss Monster is one of OhNo!Doom’s local staples. Another hard working, super funny kick-ass lady, who is always very open to talk shop. She is also a jack of all trades; creating magnificently sculpted one of a kind pieces, paintings, apparel, dolls, accessories, perfectly cast masks, costumes and handmade house hold products (like this “life-sized” demon rug and demon slayer costume):

Her dolls are sought after globally and are all one of a kind creations! All are original sculpts that are hand painted and adorned with carved beads, cast claws, crystals and other surprises. Each doll is also completely hand sewn and sits comfortably on any shelf or couch. Be sure to keep an eye on her website, you will always find something new and amazing!

All pieces for Septenary are available for viewing and purchase through the OhNo!Doom online gallery:

More about Miss Monster:

"I currently live in Chicago, though south Texas is my original home. My work varies from gouache and acrylic paintings, to cast plastic, plush, sculpey, leather and wood to the variety of materials used for my costumes, dolls and sculpture.

I attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago ’96-2000 after graduating from the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts in California. I taught illustration techniques for (almost) four semesters at a community college in Texas, leaving to work on the animated film A Scanner Darklyin Austin. Moving back to Chicago, I worked as a graphic designer at Motorola while doing freelance work on the side. Hey guess who’s totally not cut out for corporate office life?

March 2008 was the start of full time self employment and making that move was the best thing I ever did. Things have been going strong since thanks to many supportive, wonderful people who actually pay me to make monsters for them.

The majority of my time is spent running my online store out of my studio basement. I design all the items there and make most of them by hand. It’s a crazy way to make a living but it’s way better than a “real job”’

Special Thanks to Amanda Louise Spayd for providing detail photographs from the opening reception.